What I do in the gym …

Sometimes you look at a workout on paper and know it will hurt. For instance here’s a little example of an average training session provided by Ricky Long of RickFitNI…

1km row … (ok I think to myself)…

Followed by ‘ light Grace’ (30 clean and presses with 20kg) … (fair enough i think).



INSERT SWEAR WORD HERE (now i am slightly less looking forward to this)!!!

Now i’m not a huge fan of rowing but it was doable, lifting the bar straight after however hurt! By the last set my shoulders were in bits!

But i was not done…

21/15/9 of dumbbell rows and dumbbell push press.

This sounds ok except, when you’ve just rowed 3km and done 90 clean and presses, a tin of beans would feel heavy.

I used 2 10kg dumbbells.

They felt heavy!

To finish this monster of an upperbody workout i did a 15 minute AMRAP:

200m row

20 push ups

20 clean and presses with 15kg

I got 3 rounds and a 99m row in.Not great. Best i could do though.

I wanted to cry.

But at the end of it i felt good. LOTS of upperbody work, lots of conditioning.

I do 4 sessions like this a week and my fitness has improved dramatically as a result (as has my body composition!). No body part splits just lots and lots of big moves that work lots of muscles each session.

Tip – For free workout ideas check out RickFit Training Room on Facebook (and sign up for the daily emails too!)

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