Do Less – Achieve More

The other day I wrote about one way you can reduce stress.


Here’s another.


I’m stealing this one from someone who knows a lot more about health and fitness than me.  You can follow him too, in fact I’d recommend it.

Do less.




Everyone is so busy now.  We all have multiple commitments and responsibilities and it can often feel like there are not enough hours in the day.


When you have a lot of things to do and feel stressed, assess your to do list.  Do you actually need to do it?  If you don’t then don’t.  Simple as that.  Get what has to be done done, let all the ideals go and feel your stress levels lower.  Just the idea of this stressed me out at first but it works.


It works with training too.


First – “Will your workout compliment or complicate your day” – this is an actual quote.


If it will compliment it do it.  If it will make life harder let it go that day – as long as you don’t let it go every day missing a session won’t hurt.  Trying to squeeze one in when you really have more pressing things to do could cause stress though.  Do less but make it count.


Second- Training doesn’t have to take hours (if you make it count)


I used to think it did.


Now I can train hard in 20-30 minutes.  My lunch break.  I can break a sweat, get out of breath and fatigue my muscles.  I’m doing fewer hours in the gym and getting bigger results.  I believe the saying is ‘more bang for your buck’.  There’s a good reason why HIIT training has become so popular.


This one was short- a long post on doing less would be hypocritical!


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