Jim Buddy Protein Donuts

I just need to tell you about these.

So I was sat at my desk on Wednesday when a colleague came over to tell me about a protein donut he’d tried.

My work colleagues know I like cake!

Now I know I need to hit my protein target daily AND as I’ve said I like cake!

Come Friday therefore there was a box of 6 Jim Buddy protein donuts sitting on my desk!

I gave one to the person who told me about them (I’m nice like that!) which left 5 for me to sample.

And my verdict is… try them!

  • They do 4 flavours (Chocolate orange, peanut butter, vanilla and banana cream)
  • The are £2.79 each (so think Krisy Kreme type donut with protein)
  • They are decent size- for the calories I was a bit worried they would arrive and be bite size!
  • They are only 99 calories per donut
  • They have 8-10g of protein per donut
  • They are pretty low in sugar
  • They look like Krispy Kreme donuts!

I’ll be totally honest you can tell it’s not normal donut – but they kidn of remind me of the doughy donuts you get at the seaside.

Plus they have icing on – the peanut butter icing actually tastes of peanut butter.

It’s like a sweet treat that isn’t going to set your diet back by miles

Now they aren’t cheap and at the moment I can only get them delivered so they will be an occasional treat.

My hope is soon a local shop starts stocking them!

The website to buy them is https://www.jimbuddy.co.uk/shop-now

And actually the UK website has lots of other cool things on I want to try too! https://www.proteinpickandmix.co.uk

*Note: I purchased these as normal just to try them and the company are not aware I have written this review- it’s totally independent and my opinion!

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