Today I cleaned the bath

I sat down this morning to write and couldn’t think of what to write about.

So I went and cleaned the bath instead. Then I cleaned the kitchen counters and mopped the kitchen and bathroom floors.

This took me about 20 minutes.

I never spend much more than 20 minutes a day on housework.

But everyday I do something – just 2 or 3 little jobs. I work long days but fitting 20 minutes in is doable. Mentally it barely feels like housework.

Dirt doesn’t build up because I keep on top of it.

I don’t have to spend hours on my day off cleaning from top to bottom.

Your training can be viewed much the same.

If you move in some way everyday you don’t need to spend hours and hours in the gym.

20-30 minutes regularly week in week out will keep you healthy, happy and keep you in shape without taking over your life.

3-4 days a week I either go to my work gym or run on my lunch break. Thirty minutes. Short, simple, intense – fits it nicely with the rest if my day.

Compliment rather than complicate your life -whether training or cleaning!

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