Twenty things that you will know if you are a Les Mills Instructor


  1. You can make reference to Dan, Rachel, Glen, Lisa and Diana to any fellow instructor confident they will know exactly who you are talking about- we have no need for surnames here.
  2. Except for Kylie Gates- for some reason, you will always full name Kylie Gates.
  3. You’d probably quite like to go to New Zealand one day.
  4. You are in at least 500 Facebook groups.
  5. Once joining these groups it is a rule that you are required to use them as a substitute for Google – Does anyone know the number for the office?
  6. You have at least one friend on Facebook you know only through the LM Facebook page.
  7. You probably like spamming Facebook posts with pictures of cats… is it a rule that all LM instructors like cats?
  8. You see the Michael Jackson eating popcorn meme at least once a week.
  9. You can actually hold a debate about the use of dumbbells for at least an hour, even though you don’t really care because essentially a 5kg dumbbell weighs the same as a 5kg plate and is just easier to hold than most plates.
  10. Reading the comments section is often more entertaining than Eastenders.
  11. People who put an F in the comment section haven’t yet realised that you can follow a post by turning on notifications.
  12. You are keeping an eye out for a No Time For Average vest on the Vintage Emporium page.
  13. You probably have an opinion on the best trainers to wear for Body Attack.
  14. You own all the Reebok. Even though you never bought Reebok before you trained.
  15. Body Jammers have to sign a secret agreement that they will wear a checked shirt around their waist on Initial Module Training.
  16. All Combaters secretly wish they’d bring gloves back because gloves make you feel badass.
  17. You will have an opinion on the App.
  18. And the notes.
  19. You will either download the little recommended launch schedule at the start of the year or you will ask for it on Facebook every quarter – even though it’s saved in the File Section.
  20. If you go on Aim 2 and get the chance to pick your preference for which track you teach on Day 1 Sh’bamers, Jammers and Balancers will happily say they aren’t bothered – Pumpers will scratch the eyes out of their fellow Pumpers to teach their preferred track.

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