January 1st v. January 3rd

January 1st Dry January – no alcohol for 30 days

January 3rd I really needed a glass of wine last night after my first day back at work. Fail.

January 1st I’m not eating any chocolate ever again

January 3rd Except for all the chocolate I have left over from Christmas. Fail.

January 1st I’m going to go to the gym every day

January 3rd I haven’t actually been to the gym yet. Fail.

January 1st I’m going to get up and go for a run every morning.

January 3rd It’s very cold and dark in the morning I might just stay in bed. Fail.

January 1st I’m giving up carbs this year.

January 3rd I’m hungry I might just have some pasta. Fail.


You could forget any of these all or nothing resolutions and pick one small change you could make from the following and just work successfully on that instead:

  • Have at least one alcohol free night a week
  • Twice a week replace your normal sweet treat with some fruit
  • Do 30 minutes of activity twice a week
  • Get up an hour earlier once a week and go for a walk
  • Eat two handfuls of vegetables / salad with every breakfast, lunch and dinner

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