Day Trip to Chester

Today I went to Chester, it was sunny and I had a very rare Saturday off so I took the train somewhere I’d never been before, by myself and just explored. I didn’t have a plan of what to do when I got there so I left the station, followed signs from one sight to the next and even took a boat trip.

I returned home feeling refreshed, partly because of a day in the sun and fresh air and partly because a day without planning or having to be at set places at set times was good for my stress levels!

I’ve grown fond of sometimes exploring places alone. Sometimes a little nerve wracking certainly, but it does allow you to go at your own pace and really focus on what you’re looking at and absorbing your surroundings as there’s no conversation to distract you. Plus side is you can revisit places with people and see them again with a different set of eyes.

Not really a fitness post today, apart from the fact that this reminded me that occasionally it’s good to take a break from your regular routine – whether that’s doing something different in the gym to mix things up or actually taking a couple of days off to rest completely. This can revitalise your mindset towards your training.

Now here’s lots of spam of my trip today – because I went full on tourist and took pictures of everything!

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