The Ten Best Chocolate Bars

They say you should write about what you know, and I have years of experience in eating chocolate so here you go the ten best chocolate bars in order of brilliance.

10) Maltesers – The lighter way to enjoy chocolate apparently.  Basically feels like you didn’t even eat them, good for letting melt in your mouth.

9) Galaxy – Smooth and silky chocolate, makes you feel like you might be a grown up eating it.

8) Double Decker – Part chewy, part crispy – good for those of us with slightly erratic mood swings who never really know what we want.

7) Wispa – If you put a piece of this on your tongue all the bubbles will start to melt.  Downside is one rarely feels like enough and they should come in double packs really.

6) Flake – The most seductive of chocolates, that it really does flake makes it both great and annoying in equal measure.  Wins extra points because you can have little ones in a Mr Whippy Ice cream.

5) Smarties – I like bright things, also they have a lovely mixture of crunchy and smooth at once.  Shaking the tube builds anticipation which makes eating them better,

4) Kit Kat Chunky – You can work out if someone might be a serial killer by how they eat a Kit Kat.  Everyone knows you have to nibble all the chocolate off first.  If you start dating someone who just bites into one, dump them quickly because it will never work.  Added bonus when they have a peanut butter filling.

3) Twix – A solid chocolate bar.  Biscuit, caramel, chocolate in one.  I like the fact you get two fingers in a pack- size matters.

2) Snickers – You’re not you when your hungry and Snickers always fix that.  Peanutty and chocolaty in one, they just feel like the most substantial and reliable of chocolate bars.  I would like to meet the man version of a Snickers bar.

1) Dairy Milk Fruit and Nut- Obviously.  If you are feeling a bit sad, on your period slobbing on the sofa, having a brew, watching a good film, imagining you’re Bridget Jones or pretty much any other occasion – this is the chocolate bar of choice.  They also come in decent size bars, apparently for sharing but we all know portion sizes on products are always unrealistic.

Of course this does not take into account biscuits or cake which are equally as important food groups, and fully deserving of a blog int heir own right.

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