Do Something Which Makes You Uncomfortable

Short blog today, partly because I’m writing it over dinner. In a restaurant, in my own, in Brussels.

Travelling alone can be a little scary at times. Navigating public transport, finding your hotel, going for dinner – all these things are a little more daunting in your own.

It can be very liberating too though if you get past the fear – explore at your own pace, eat as and when your hungry and so on.

I’ve opted to play it safe and eat in a Hard Rock Cafe tonight as most of the other restaurants look rather touristy and overpriced where I’m staying but there does appear to be some kind of outdoor jazz festival going on so after dinner I’m going to go and check that out.

All the saying about doing things that make you uncomfortable and goals being just beyond your comfort zone; they don’t have to just apply to big career dreams or massive fitness goals – sometimes you can just go and do that thing you want to but are putting it off for whatever reason. Go to that place, try that restaurant, go watch that film on your own, join the gym, try that class, sign up for that course.

And, with that, my meal has arrived, so that will have to be that for today.

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