My 2020 Campaign

I’ve said a lot recently how talking about the topics that are often’unspoken’ about for whatever reason can be hugely beneficial.

Not only does speaking about such things provide an outlet that can make the person feel better, people sharing their experiences can also help others.  There are numerous life experiences which create a variety of struggles and stresses that are common yet ignored and people often feel like they should just put up with them in silence because nobody else mentions it, or they might worry they are not normal because they must be the only one struggling as nobody else seems to be.

For all these reasons I think opening up about topics that are for a word ‘taboo’ could be helpful to us all.  A few years ago this was so much harder- we had fewer outlets, but now social media gives us an opportunity to be really open.

I’ve dipped my toe in the water with this with a few blogs in 2019 (we looked at periods, smear tests and coming back to teaching post pregnancy) but I want to take this further in 2020 and make open discussions about often unspoken topics a personal campaign.

To do this I need help.  I can only talk about hings I personally have experience about but I want to open the discussions wider than this.  I’ve already enlisted the help of some people who have agreed to talk about issues that have affected them, but I want to cast this net wide.  If there is a topic you think deserves more open discussion that has affected you and would be willing to talk to me about it I’d love you to get in touch (either via this blog or a DM).

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