Same But Different

This weekend I went to Belfast for the first time. I went to a social media summit and learnt lots, I will do some blogs on these things over the coming days once I’ve processed everything I made notes on. But in the mean time, here’s what I learnt about Belfast / Norn Ireland on my fist ever trip to Northern Ireland:

1. Water gets put on the table as standard with your meals without having to ask. I like this.

2. They use £ sterling but have their own notes that look like foreign currency. This is confusing for me.

3. Everybody seems to like to talk to you, as if they’re actually interested. Not like London.

4. Everyone will point out to you that although the Titanic was a Irish ship the captain was Scottish.

And also that it didn’t sink on its maiden voyage because the maiden voyage was Ireland to Southampton.

5. It’s not unusual to see massive murals on the side of buildings.

6. There are a lot of Spars (you know the shop)

7. The ‘City’ airport is actually in the city. Could other airports please raise their game please.

8. You can go in and wander round their parliament (but the police there have big guns so behave like). They even do a free guided tour each day and it’s brilliant.

9. The big yellow things you see in pictures with H&W on are cranes and I don’t think I really knew that until this weekend.

10. People talk quite fast so you must concentrate.

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