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At the end of February (feels like a life time ago now) I travelled to Belfast to attend the Only Just media Summit.  This was just as Corona Virus was starting to become a ‘thing’, before Social Distancing had become a ‘thing’ and the week that Northern Ireland had just had their first case.

The event was a full day of speakers, all experts in their fields, talking to a room full of bloggers, Vloggers, content creators and brands.  My plan immediately after the event was to write some blogs on the speakers and my key takeouts.  Life then got in the way, CoronaVirus exploded and took up all my time at work and this idea got left in the notes section of my phone.  Until now.

Today is the blog two of ten where I want to outline my key take outs for the day.

Why?  To be honest it’s probably multipurpose (like that kind of cleaning product you but to clean the kitchen and bathroom if like me you are not a ‘Mrs. Hincher’.  Partly I think it will help me solidify the key points I took away from the day, because although I’ve not written about them here until now I have started to take action.  But also because I think you as the reader could also benefit from these takeouts.  You might not be interested in branding or social media or content creation but some of the ideas I took away could just be useful for your approach to your job or you life in general.

So introductions over today’s blog will focus on the talk given by CEO of IAM Production Group, Mike Winnet from Warrington.

Mike’s talk focused on Linkedin, a platform that even the most reluctant social media person is probably on.  Essentially thought of as a more professional version of Facebook Linkedin is currently not massively marketing heavy and has a much more organic reach than Facebook or Instagram so is a platform where you as an individual can really make yourself shine.

I came away with lots of tips and ideas on how to improve my Linkedin to improve my own personal brand, which I’m not going to go into here but the key thing that I took away and would pass onto you is be a completely honest version of you.

On a platform where people are still quite formal and posts can be quite bland showing your personality, your quirks and providing some quality, honest content can massively help you advertise your brand, attract clients or advertise yourself as an employee / employer.

When you think about it this is massively different from what you will have heard time and time again about smashing face to face interviews or winning clients online marketing.  Whether you are employed or self employed, representing a company you work for ow own, or like me a bit of both (being both employed and self employed and working across multiple industries in those roles), Linkedin is effectively a live CV.  It is a place to showcase what you are doing and your values as well as skills.  This will allow you to make connections for yourself, your business or company that can actually serve you / you business rather than Linkedin being just another way to randomly collect people.

Today’s blog has been significantly less fitness based than normal i’m aware.  But all of us need to earn a living and in this day and age marketing or showcasing yourself is a vital part of this.  If you are not already aware of your presence online beyond the holidays snaps on Instagram you should be.

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