Lockdown 2: Return of the Lockdown

Series 11 of 2020 kicked off today picking up where series ten’s cliff hanger left off.

BoJo had just announced that we must act now and have a second lockdown.

So we are acting now by waiting until Thursday.

This means you are safe to go out for food or to the gym tomorrow but on Thursday those things become far too risky.

The Government absolutely could not afford to pay 80% of the wages of those whose places of work are forced to close last week, when it was just the North affected, but now the South is going to also be closed they have found a bit of spare change down the back of the sofa and furlough at 80% is back.

It’s absolutely only until 2nd December, except Gove (not a new character, just one so bad we try to avoid thinking about him unless we can avoid it) has let slip that that’s probably another one of those lie things that Boris is so keen on.

So we now get ready for the premiere of Lockdown 2 ‘Return of the Lockdown’ on Thursday. Hopes are not high for another box office hit to honest.

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