2020 Continues

Despite Lockdown 2.0 being released in the first few episodes of series 11 it hasn’t had the response from critics that the Government perhaps hoped for, largely because the plot feels a lot like Lockdown 1.0 and there isn’t enough originality to inspire the public this time round, but also because they’ve shut all the cinemas so we can’t actually go and see it.

Some notable changes from Lockdown 1.0 have included more people and businesses being fined as more people resist the restrictions, with at least a couple of gyms refusing to shut their doors.

Meanwhile students in Manchester tore down fences that were put up overnight in an apparent effort to cage them in. I can’t help but think that this could be a clue from the writers that student uprisings could be more of a plot focus on coming episodes.

Rishi, possibly in an attempt to redeem himself extended furlough until March – which largely just made a lot of people suspect we are going to be stuck in lockdown until then. The big Christmas finale to series 12 is starting to look a little doubtful.

The big focus of series 11 so far though has been the U.S elections. Despite the fact that many British people couldn’t explain our own political system we’ve all become experts on the American voting system (which appears quite frankly bonkers) in the last few days.

Unlike the UK the votes aren’t counted as quickly as possible in a church or school hall with results announced within hours of polling stations closing (largely because step aerobics will start at 10am the next day whether that counting is complete or not). There are no people dressed as a panda or other random character standing on a stage as the results are called out and we don’t take to the street with weapons claiming fraud because our team is losing.

Trump, a long standing comedy character, has performed predictably well, portraying a narcissistic crazy man with startling accuracy. You know it’s bad when news channels cut away from a live statement during an election stating that everything he says is absolute bollocks.

In the latest episode we see Biden win the presidency meaning we can look forward to lots of crazy Tweets from Trump, a legal battle, possibly the first every squater in the White House as Trump refuses to leave office.

Series 11 looks like it could be a surprising series with more twists than we expected.

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