Expert v. The Internet

Today I read a post on a weight loss Facebook group. The person posting was disappointed because they had ‘only’ lost 10lbs in 5 weeks. They did note their clothes fit better.

I don’t tend to comment on these things but today felt I had to, not to go into lots of detail and be all preachy but just to remind them that a) they had actually seen a good weight loss in those 5 weeks and even better, could see it in how their clothes fit which is a far better way of monitoring progress and that b) many of the other comments offering advice, whilst well meaning, were not helpful.

There were suggestions that the person posting may be in starvation mode and that’s why they were not losing more weight, that they should have a cheat meal or cheat day to ‘reset their metabolism’. I’m not writing this to make fun of those comments, the people making them were trying to help, but ultimately they were passing on false information to someone who was looking for advice to follow.

The internet is brilliant for researching information on topics you need help with, but be mindful of where you look for your information. If you are looking to improve you fitness or reach your goals check the people you are listening to are qualified to help you so you don’t end up trying to follow guidance which isn’t factually correct.

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