2020 – A brief interlude in the proceedings

Whilst we expected Series 11 to mainly be about Lockdown 2.0 the writers decided to break the tension with an episode with a difference this week, a bit like when the Crown did that episode that was just about the Queen and Prince Philips relationship in series 2. Yes, Bojo and Cummings broke up.

Apparently it was always going to happen in season 12 but something happened behind the scenes which led to a shock early departure and a well staged carrying of desk items in a cardboard box out of the door of number 10 (no back door to slink quietly out of, I take it).

The precise reasons why have only been hinted at which leads me to guess we’ll get one of those looking back episodes in a future series where we find out what really happened, but it appears to have been some kind of strange love triangle between Boris, Dominic and Carrie Symonds who apparently is “one of the few people around the prime minister who understands the Conservative party”, which given that he is largely surrounded by the Conservative cabinet is a bit disconcerting.

Anyway, we await to see who will run the country now Cummings has gone and whether, as I suspect, he has actually left to front a major Specscavers campaign.

One thing we can all be grateful of, at least all this in fighting isn’t happening at a time of national crisis, in the midst of a pandemic, economic recession and whilst we are on the brink of an EU no deal Brexit.

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