Rishi announces Covid to be furloughed for Christmas

As we all predicted series 11 of 2020 is all going to end in tiers (boom boom).

The writers have gone with the somewhat predictable let’s put London in tier 2 and most of the North in tier 3 even though the North Wests R rating is lower than the Capital plot line. To be honest most of of us up here are just waiting for the day Boris announces the start of the Hunger Games in one of his daily briefings, I suspect this may happen in an early series of 2021.

Tier 3 means no group exercise (despite it being arguably the safest area of most gyms and proving that the people making the decisions are basing them on polls of Daily Mail readers) and the likely death of the hospitality industry as they miss the vital Christmas trade.

On the plus side BoJo has announced that Covid plans to take a 5 day holiday over Christmas when we can meet with Granny without killing her. Whether Covid will be furloughed in this time has not been announced. Of course none of this seems like a bit of a kick in the teeth for those who had their Eid celebrations cancelled the night before and nobody at all is expecting the plot twist of a third lockdown in episode 1 of 2021, honest.

As a side plot away from Covid the most pointless main character in the history of any show ever, Matt Hancock, smirked his way through a TV interview with Piers Morgan trying to justify why him and his mates should get a pay rise but the rest of the country should be grateful if they manage to hang onto their jobs at all. You know it’s bad when Piers Morgan starts sounding like he’s talking sense so we all wait with nervous anticipation for the final ever season of 2020… will it be jolly? Will it be miserable? After the last 11 series all bets are off on this one.

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