2020 is almost over

And so we reach the final ever series of 2020.

Lockdown has ended and the North is in Tier 3 even though London has a higher R rate and is in Tier 2. Most people suspect that the writers will eventually put London in Tier 2 even though it’s a story line they clearly never wanted to consider.

In the meantime everyone has gone out Christmas shopping, scotch eggs have apparently become a substantial meal and we have had further clarification on Boris letting us all have a five day Christmas Jolley where we can travel and mix with other households. That’s right – for five whole days Aunty Pat’s conservatory will be safe from Covid, which the Government is putting on Furlough.

The Covid Vaccine has been rolled out so that Bill Gates can start to monitor our thoughts and movements, and the first few people to have it included 90 year old Margaret and William Shakespeare, which I must say was a stroke of genius, giving the vaccine on someone who died in 1616 means that if he has any negative side effects they can just put it down to him having been dead for 404 years. Of course Bill shrugged all the fuss over the jab as much a do about nothing.

Matt Hancok attempted to cry on National Television as he watched the vaccine being given. Of course, given the virus must have taken up most of his life for the last eleven months one should feel a pang of sympathy for the man watching this display of emotion, but he managed to make it look like he was crying as part of a scene in a year 6 school play which made that a little difficult.

In a non Covid sub plot that will likely take a bigger role in 2021 we started to see hints (or less hints more massive red flags being waved manically) that Brexit might not be the putting great back into Great Britain that the lying Leave campaigners said it would. I must say we are all very shocked.

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