2020 – A Disappointing Ending

And so the final series of 2020 comes to an end. As predicted the writers have confirmed that a spin off show 2021 will start tomorrow following much the same premise and picking up where all the main characters left off in 2020, although it’s been confirmed that Dominic Cummings won’t be returning due to ‘creative differences’ with the Directors.

Viewers were highly critical of the ending of series 12 which saw Christmas cancelled last minute and the majority of the country being placed in Tier 4 (the new name for Lockdown 3). Even the news that another vaccine had been approved failed to provide hope to many, who having seen the Government’s Track and Trace system in action suspect that Hancock and co. couldn’t organise a single vaccination in a doctors surgery let alone the mass vaccination of a whole nation at speed.

We await to see if viewing figures will be as high for 2021 or if the public are tired of the same old plotlines being used again and again, you highlight suspect people will start turning of in droves if the writers don’t pull something out of the bag.

In other news you can now buy the theme tune to 2020 – Hands Face Space – on Itunes, although it isn’t expecting to reach very high in the charts. Can’t think why.

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