2021 you have begun

Happy New Year. What will your goals for 2021 include?

Amongst other things I wanted to have something I could continue to work on regardless of what Boris and Covid did to gyms and classes, as it seems that for the first month at least we are unlikely to have either.

So I’ve signed up to a running challenge to keep me committed to running every week. So I’m running 874 miles (that’s around 1,407 km) in 2021.

What challenge have you set yourself for the year? Is there something you can commit to now that will help you stay motivated and committed to completing that challenge?

3 thoughts on “2021 you have begun

  1. Hi there!! I’ve been crappy about updating my blog and hadn’t visited in a while! Are you still teaching Body Combat? Some of my instructors are still doing it, but others aren’t at this time due to the pandemic and status of gyms. It’s been hard for everyone, of course. 🥺 I hope you are well!!


      1. Awww that is such a bummer 😩 My heart hurts for you. 😭 A few of my favorite instructors got let go, the others aren’t teaching, and a few of them just recently started teaching BC a couple times a week because they have an outdoor set up at the gym.
        One of the instructors has been meeting with us in a parking lot three times a week for his own kickboxing cardio class because he misses everyone so much!!


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