2021 has begun

For any 2020 fans who thought the spin off 2021 might be more uplifting series one has quickly dispelled the idea.

Like the kid that copies the other kids homework returning character BoJo announced a third National Lockdown in England hours after Nicola announced her Lockdown. Nick Hancock (masquerading as his less competent twin Matt Hancock) has continued to waffle on incoherently, yet to be honest, we all much prefer it when he does the daily briefings because even the current government wouldn’t risk leaving the really drastic announcements to him.

Despite lots of evidence that being healthy helps massively in recovering if you do catch Corona authorities appear to be actively discouraging people from doing that thing that aids good health – you know, that exercise thing. This is yet another anomaly in the messages the Government provided throughout the 2020 series and the writers seem intent on continuing throughout 2021.

Vaccines continue to be hailed as the saviour of this series, although many avid watchers have questioned whether the ambitious mass vaccination plans announced can be Implemented without a hitch. Given the reputation for bumbling their way through pandemics many fans will not be surprised if there is mass chaos in coming series.

Meanwhile across the pond in the country formerly known as Trump Land white people stormed the Capitol and weren’t shot. Whereas the the outgoing president condemned the BLM protests as riots, he praised these people as protestors and he finally got banned from Twitter for inciting violence as leaders across the land condemned him.

We are all just hoping that series 1 of 2021 picks up a bit and becomes a little less doom and gloom, because quite frankly, none of us can stand the breaking news phone beeps anymore, our nerves are shot.

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