Did you think it would last this long?

Last year when all this started did any of us really think that almost a year later we’d still be in lockdown.

When gyms closed in March didn’t most of us assume that we wouldn’t be able to train in the gym for a few weeks then we’d all just go back to our normal training regimes. People worried that they’d lose fitness in those few weeks.

Of course what then followed was that we have all got used to sometimes having access to a gym, but mainly not having access to a gym. Sometimes being able to teach or attend classes but more often than not not being able to.

Some people have have learnt to love home workouts. Others have not. Most of us do now accept that we are unlikely to be able to go back to how we used to train for some time yet. So what does that mean for those of us that do not really enjoy working out at home? I think it means trying new things, trying a variety of different things until we find some kind of routine that we do enjoy.

It perhaps also means accepting that our body, our fitness might be different for a while. Because above all, your training should be enjoyable, and making yourself do something because you should rarely is that. So potentially for a while you won’t be where you were at the start of 2020. Of course I’m not saying just don’t train, it has been proven that being healthy can be beneficial if you get Covid, not to mention the many other benefits training and eating well bring. But you can also not beat yourself up for things being different and doing what you can do right now.

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