Me. The Update

So I planned my week out, what I wanted to eat and what training I wanted to do.

Then I got sick and Thursday / Friday were a write off, where I just about managed to get through work . That put my plans out of sync a bit – meant missing a couple runs and having a couple of evenings where I couldn’t be bothered to cook and so got food in which meant my calories were higher across the week than I planned.

But I woke up today feeling better and so went for a 10km run and plan to run the same distance tomorrow. That will keep me on track for my running challenge (both 52 miles in Feb and the 2021 Lands End to John On Groats challenge). If I manage that I’ll view that as a positive end to the week.

I think the best way to get back into your training when you’ve lost your way a bit is to make small changes. I’ve trained when I could this week so that’s a good start. I haven’t hit a calorie deficit but nor did I end up in a surplus.

My main focuses for the coming week are to drink more water – as this is a habit I used to have ingrained in me but have been poor at recently and trying to hit 20k steps per day, again something I used to do daily without thinking but Lockdown has made harder.

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