Me: The Running Edition

I miss the gym. For me the gym is what makes training. I know there are people that always loved home training and many more have found they love it too during the last twelve months but for me there is nothing that makes me work as hard as doing my workout in a different environment.

When I go to the gym I go though the process of getting gym kit on, putting trainers on, walking to the gym, putting my stuff in a locker. That process mentally puts me in the mindset that I’m about to train and helps me get moving. It’s an environment where training is the only option whilst there. When I’m at home I get distracted, I see where I need to dust or hover and my workouts are never as intense. I think that’s why I like running outdoors, it again requires leaving the house and being outside with a purpose, to move, to get from A to B.

That’s why I’ve struggled with training in lockdown. The not feeling the same as I would training in a gym means I don’t feel the same motivation. The training because I feel I need to when I don’t really want to is not something I want. But, as I said previously, I want to get moving more again, for my own fitness, some weight loss and because quite frankly I’m stiff as a board. So I’ve been running lots more. As running is one of the only forms of exercise I really enjoy I can still easily do that seemed the best bet.

This month so far I’ve run around 47 miles. I only need to do another 9 to hit my February virtual running challenge and I’m making a decent dent into the Land End to John O Groats challenge too. One of the best things about running outdoors means I can also run with someone and Hollie has been my running buddie. A bundle on energy and knowing that I haven’t been feeling great about my fitness she’s been a great motivator and encouragement and really made me feel better about my running. That I think is the key at the moment, finding the thing that you want to do and having the accountability, be it to a challenge or a person (or both) to keep you going.

Here’s a little video of our 9 mile run this week which shows why I’ve enjoyed my runs!

Hollie’s video of our 9 mile run (that I thought was 6 miles!)

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