Sleepy Head

Am I only person struggling to sleep more than normal right now?

I know not being in routine has now gone on for so long it’s basically routine but the lack of my old structure has really affected my ability to fall asleep. Sleep is vital though, for recovery, health in general and also just not being a moody cow all day so it’s something I’m really keen to get to grips with. I know if I don’t get to sleep at a decent time I will snooze the alarm, my morning will be a rush and that will be stressful. So I’m trying to work on my bedtime routine, your doctor might refer to this a sleep hygiene which always makes me chuckle (I don’t know why).

I’m keeping it simple with my plan of action:

  • Phone down an hour before bed
  • Herbal tea to relax (not a massive fan of them but warm is comforting and need to avoid caffeine at bed time)
  • Clean my teeth
  • Pillow spray to see if that helps (makes the pillows smell nice anyway)
  • Some back stretches in bed (because my back has been feeling really tight lately which also makes getting to sleep hard as I can’t get comfy)
  • Sleep

Currently this is about as successful as the Government’s handling on the Pandemic but I am working on the basis that I need to train my brain to start seeing these habits as signals to get to sleep and it will start to make a difference.

How’s your sleep been recently? Do you have any great tips for a good nights sleep?

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