10 Nutrition Myths

  1. Muscle can turn into fat if you stop training

Muscle and fat are two different tissue systems, with different functions, so they do not convert into one another.  You can lose muscle mass or gain additional fat leading to composition change but one doesn’t convert into the other.

  • Muscle weights more than fat

1kg of muscle weights 1kg, 1kg of fat weighs 1kg.  The analogy that muscle weighs more than fat comes from the same weight of fat will take up more space than it’s equivilant in muscle.  So 10kg of muscle would take up less space than 10kg of fat but still weigh the same.  Likewise you could reduce body fat and increase msucle mass but not lose weight even though you may have dropped several dress sizes.  It’s a confusing myth but essentially the message is don’t rely on the scales.

  • High fat foods are unhealthy

Our bodies need fats so this is not strictly true.  Of course if you eat too much fat you may find you don’t like the results.  It’s worth remembering that 1g fat has approximately 9 calories, compared to 4 calories per 1g of carbs or protein.  Eating excessive amounts of fat isn’t ideal but they aren’t inherintly unhealthy.

  • Breakfast is the most important meal of the day

You might like to eat three meals a day, 5 meals a day, 2 meals a day, intermittent fast or eat every couple of hours.  When you at depends of your lifestyle and what makes you feel best.  There’s no massive reason to eat breakfast if you don’t feel like eating first thing, or avoid carbs after 6pm or any other food rule.  For many the benefits of any such rules are minimal.

  • You must drink protein shakes if your train

Supplements should be just that, a supplement to your diet- the thing that makes up the last 10%.  If you struggle to get enough protein or need a quick easy protein fix after a session a shake is a good option.  Ideally though, you’d eat most of your protein

  • Low calorie is the way forward

Reduce your calories to 1,200 a day to lose weight right?  To a degree this won’t hurt the majority of people.  Create a calorie deifict and you will lose weight.  The issue?  Many people could eat much more than this and still hit a calorie deficit, and by making the deficit too big and following some standard random calorie allowance they can end up lacking energy and always being hungry- cue ‘breaking’ the diet and binging.  Far better to work out how many calories you should be eating to still creat a deficit ad work to that with a slower steadier loss.

  • Smoothies are good for you

I mean I like a smoothie, but they aren’t a weight loss magical superfood.  Think about it, how much fruit do you need for a smoothie?  Add milk or yoghurt, maybe peanut butter?  Now would you sit and eat all that in one go?  Maybe , but you wouldn’t consider it a small snack right?  Smoothies blend a lot of calories into a drink.  That’s fine if you are aware but little things like this that seem like a healthy, low calorie meal may be the reason you are consuming more than you think.

  • Healthy people eat ‘clean’

They wash their food before eating it?  What is clean eating?  Only eating green stuff, unprocessed stuff? Organic stuff?  What about the processed stuff that is marketed as ‘clean’?  Eating things that come from nature as a good proportion of your diet is a good aim, but don’t get too caught up in the clean is good trap.

  • Cheat Meals are a thing

Well they are a thing but they shouldn’t be!  Firstly, what are you cheating?  If you want pizza just have pizza, and more to the point make it fit into your week.  Calling it a cheat meal doesn’t make it calorie free but is more likely to lead you to go mad and derail your progress

Gravy goes on chips

If you’re southern you will know this isn’t true but for those north of the Watford Gap stop it.  It’s weird and wrong and has no logical benefits.

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