Whilst primarily a fitness based blog I occasionally can’t help but comment on what’s in the news and have been watching the slew of Tory leaders / figures / Government aides breaking Lockdown rules stories with interest.

I don’t really care if within the bounds of technicalities none of these parties broke the Lockdown rules of the time. I don’t really care if that cheese and wine in Downing Street garden was a work meeting that technically did not break Lockdown rules.

Whether they were within the letter of the law or not they undoubtedly were not within the spirit of the rules.

Back in the March – May lockdown period last year, when people were fretting about taking a two hour walk instead of one hour, missing funerals (I missed my nans funeral because of these rules), trying to limit supermarket shops to once a week and getting guilt tripped about going to a shop to buy Easter Eggs because they were not ‘essential’ people were encouraged not just to follow the rules but also not to look for loop holes.

You know, those very loop holes the Government are now using to defend their actions. Because coming out with the truth and saying,

‘Look, guys, the fact is those rules were for you, not us.’

just isn’t good PR.

In fitness, one thing we learn is to lead by example. You can’t tell people one thing and not live by those same principles, because then people won’t respect what you say, and rightly so.

And so here we are. You told us we had to make sacrifices to save lives and by and large people did, except you lot. Which means going forward when you tell us we have to do thing to save the NHS people will regard you as someone akin to selling skinny tea. In fact I’d probably trust the person selling skinny tea more.

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