Things to ask before you start working with a PT …

Things to ask before you start working with a PT …

  1. What’s the structure of their programme / offer?

Do you see them face to face, is it a plan on an app or spreadsheet? Do they provide nutrition support? Are there things you’re expected to do each week? Is it for a set amount of time or ongoing? What results do they offer? Are you happy with this? Will it align with your lifestyle, time commitments and does it offer what you are looking for?

  • What type of training will they do with you?

Home or gym, cardio, weights? What equipment do you need, how will workouts be structured? Will you doing low reps / high reps? What will splits look like? How long will sessions take? This isn’t about right or wrong but if the PT you’re looking to work with advocates full body sessions only and you’re convinced the only way forward is the ‘bro split’ you probably won’t enjoy training that much. If it’s different to what you normally do, can you go in with an open mind? You need to be honest with yourself about this because if you aren’t going to follow their advice do you want to waste your money?

  • Check in frequency

Will you check in daily, weekly, monthly, at all? How will you do this? Phone, text, email, questionnaire, Zoom? Will this work for you and does it meet with your expectations?

  • Do their views align with yours?

What do they talk about on social media? Do you generally agree with what they say? If their posts make your blood boil because you don’t agree with their stance on food or training or results you probably won’t enjoy working with them.

  • Qualifications and Experience

It goes without saying they should be a level 3 PT, if you are getting meal plans are they a qualified nutritionist? Beyond that, do they have the experience, knowledge and empathy to help you? Do you feel like they understand your specific pain points and have the ability to help you work on those?

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