Christmas Markets

Christmas Markets And Your Diet

There everywhere now meaning a trip to the Christmas Markets is pretty much as mandatory as eating Brussels Sprouts on Christmas Day.

Things to be mindful of if your trying to watch you calorie intake this December…

1 / You will feel like a kid in a sweet shop – so many options. Have a look around all the stalls before you buy anything so you don’t end up eating three different burgers and four types of waffle because you keep coming across something you really must try!

2/ There’s lots of meat available (hog roast yum) so you could skip the bread and go for something meaty to reduce calories

3/ If you buy chocolates as a gift see if they will gift wrap them so you aren’t tempted to break into them on the way home!

4/ In Manchester at least the prices have risen this year! Go with a set budget and stick to it – if you can’t overspend you’ll have to limit your food and drink intake!

5/ Make time to look at the non food and drink stalls to and watch any entertainment – that way you still enjoy the markets without vet more calories

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