Project 40- Week 6

Well I’m still ill. The flu from before my holiday may have gone but the cough certainly hasn’t. I don’t know about you but so many people seem to have a lingering cough and I am well and truly past it now. It feels like since Lockdown I have no immune system and just catch everything, things my body would have once brushed off are flooring me, perhaps it’s all those months without interaction and everything being cleaned within an inch of it’s life.

Anyway, I feel like my lungs are full of liquid and there is something constantly stuck in my throat. The cough is so violent I’ve had days I can’t keep food down simply because I’m coughing so much, my voice is hoarse, I can’t lie down to sleep and I’m quite simply knackered.

So training has really been low on my priority list, I’ve done bits where I feel ok, although I’m getting short of breath super quickly and it seems to aggravate the cough, but I’ve generally had to take a step back. My step count is lower too, but again I know I need to rest up.

It’s tough but we need to remember that being healthy is more than being fit, strong or a certain weight so sometimes you need to forget all that and focus on getting over little bugs before they become longer more annoying bugs that keep you out of action for longer.

That being said I’d love it if at the end of week 7 I was writing that I could actually go more than ten seconds without coughing!

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