Project 40 – 2023

Hands up if the first week of the year has been a bit of a false start?

We start January 1st with good intentions but it’s always a hard first week back, you still have loads of Christmas food, going back to work after a break is tiring and generally we have a bit of a Christmas hangover.

You don’t have to start new habits on 1st January though, not doing so doesn’t preclude you from starting at any other point in the year.

More than that, habits don’t have to be all or nothing. If you’ve made a start this week but have been a bit hit and miss that’s ok.

Hitting 80% of what you’ve aimed to do 80% of the time will still bring better results that a few super strict days now and then nothing the rest of the year.

I’ve trained and eaten ok this week but still had off days, tomorrow I start back with a. Bit more focus on my diet and a bit more intensity in my training (bigs goals set for myself this year).

If you’ve been beating yourself up for not having the best start to the year so far you can still make the changes you want.

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