Project 40- Week 22

The cough continues. To be honest it’s probably now the defining part of my personality, what’s Heather like? Oh well she coughs a lot.

Honestly it’s exhausting and I’ve started to try and train a bit more but I feel quit light headed and just have zero cardio capacity.

I’ve been given another steroid spray, some steroid tablets and an inhaler to try and clear whatever is causing it and I’m really hoping it starts to work quickly so I can get a few decent runs in ahead of next month. So far it’s basically made me feel worse but I’m optimistic!

I’m also hungry, like all the time. I think it maybe has something to do with not always being able to taste much, so i juts always want to eat more (and I like eating at the best of times anyway). I’m going to try and be more mindful in April because I feel like dropping a couple of pounds will assist the runs.

Really hopeful that within the month I’ll be ale to get back to moving more without always trying to tackle a cough – i feel like this would be a bigger win than running two half’s in May!

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