Hangovers and Training

Sweating out a hangover.

Something you’ll hear often and we’ve probably all said.

How should you train the day after a heavy drinking sessions?

It sounds appealing- almost like atonement – make up for the things you put your body through the night before.  But when you drink a lot you become dehydrated, going to the gym and working out will cause further dehydration to occur.  This can make exercise feel more draining than normal (you are more likely to suffer from cramps for instance) so you can end up feeling worse rather than better.  Studies have also suggested that greater than normal fatigue can also affect our co-ordination leading to a greater risk of strains or injury.  There is also evidence that alcohol can have an effect on protein synthesis so it can be harder to recover after a sessions as effectively as you normally would.

Hangovers obviously vary on a scale and if you had one glass of wine last night you will probably feel fine to work out the next day but if you wake up dizzy, shaking with your head banging heading to the gym for a hardcore workout could make you feel worse than you already do.

Instead drink all the water to hydrate – consider adding some hydration tablets or salts such as these Electrolytes.

Don’t try restricting your food intake to make up for overdoing it, have a good meal – eggs on toast and a banana is a decent breakfast idea for making you feel better.

If you really want to be active get outdoors and go for a walk – some light movement and fresh air will almost definitely help.

Sleep.  Your quality of sleep is often reduced when drunk so a nap could make you feel brighter quicker.

My Favourite (Fitness) Websites (and why)

My Protein

Affordable protein and supplements with quick delivery times and regular offers.

My favourite product is the Whey Protein Powder in Vanilla which you can use in cakes and smoothies as well as on it’s own. I’m not a huge fan of protein shakes and tend to use them as an addition when I need a quick boost of calories and / or protein but I am a fan of adding protein powder to homemade muffins, energy balls and smoothies so a plain flavour like vanilla works well as it complements most recipes.

Added bonus if you do like drinking them as a stand alone drink and want to experiment this product comes in a wide variety of flavours so you don’t have to get bored.

I also really like their seamless leggings rangewhich have a gym shark feel without the same price tag- definitely squat proof, look good and are super comfy and long (useful for long legged people like me)!

Check them out here – My Protein

Muscle Food

Good quality meats for an excellent price (and let’s face it meat is expensive).

Buy one of their bulk packs and freeze!  I like the chicken in particular because it doesn’t shrink when cooked!

They also do nice protein packed cheat style meals (like protein pizza) – now generally if I’m going to have a pizza I’d prefer to have a full on stuffed crust loaded one, but if you want to get the taste at a fraction of the calorie cost these could be a good alternative.

Check them out here – Muscle Foods

They have also recently started doing a meal prep style offering where they deliver your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks weekly and also provide you with workout plans and an online support group.

You can opt to get 5,6 or 7 days worth of food.

I haven’t tried this so my opinion on this service i purely based on looking through their website.

I think I would want to add some extra vegetables and fruit to this plan personally (and tend to prefer and recommend homemade / freshly made meals wherever possible) and I haven’t tried the exercise plans so can’t comment on them, but if you are struggling to meal prep and find yourself buying a lot of your meals off the shelf / living off ready meals this could be a possible way of staying in control of your calorie intake that is quite cost effective.

Have a look below.  They are currently offering £10 off your first order using the code UNTHINKABLE

Muscle Food Meal Prep

What are your favourite fitness product websites and why?