Man Down!

I’ve picked up an injury.  Well of sorts, I think its more over use as I have been doing a lot more running / cardio classes with gyms closed and my knee (which isn’t without issue at the best of time) and hip are feeling it.

Here’s the weird thing though. I can rest.

Do I want to rest? No.  I’ve not trained since Tuesday and I’m itching, training is as mcuh something I do for my mental health as physical health.

But because I am not teaching I can rest.  Under normal circumstances resting for me would be only teaching classes which would still equate to around nine hours exercise a week.  Looking at it you can see why instructors struggle to get rid of persistent niggles!

There have been many negatives about gyms being closed but the one positive it has bought me is the importance of rest, and not my weird instructor concept of rest but actual proper recovery, the sort I would advise others take.

This is something I want to take with me when I’m back to training in gyms when they reopen.  I’m curious if anyone else has learnt anything fitness wise they want to remember?

Injuries Suck

I’m currently injured.

I’ve done something to my knee- not really sure what, I need to go get checked out but haven’t been able to yet.  Work keeps getting in the way!

A few weeks ago my knee felt tight when I squated.  My quad also felt tight so I told myself I needed to stretch more.

What I did instead was continue to train and teach.  As my knee got tighter ad tighter I kept teaching on it until one day I woke up and couldn’t actually bend the knee at all.

I spent a week getting cover and teaching spin classes off the bike.

I went back to teaching not really feeling 100% better.

Two spins, a Body Pump, HIIT and Body Combat later and I accepted I probably need to rest it until it’s actually better, not just a bit better.

I think we are all guilty of this some times.

Not listening to our body, thinking it will be OK if we just push through.

Often it isn’t.

This isn’t rocket science.

I currently feel quite sorry for myself, but I also haven’t helped myself because I haven’t looked after my body as well as I could have.  I eat well, I train.  But looking after your body goes beyond that – sometimes you have to stop.

I’m sticking to a bit of upper body to stop me going crazy (for me training is a mental release as well as a physical thing).  If you see me doing anything more than this in the next few days you have my permission to tell me off!