Online Fitness Training


I offer two options for Online Training.

Both provide realistic and effective training programmes that will fit into your life rather than taking over your life (and still allow you to eat cake!) with my support along the way to help you reach your goals.

No Gimmicks. No Fads. No Quick Fixes. Long Lasting Results.

In particular I specialise in:

  • Helping Class Lovers: Helping group fitness participants incorporate solo gym workouts into their routine to accelerate results.
  • Feeling Better Through Exercise: Helping people who suffer with Anxiety and / or Depression feel fitter and happier via exercises they enjoy, whilst overcoming the barriers these illnesses can have on your health and wellbeing and capacity to train and eat well.


What is Online Training?

Online Training gives you the support of a coach without having someone stood with you as you do the workouts.

Depending on the package selected you will get detailed workout plans, potentially live PT sessions, regular check ins to review progress, nutrition advice and additional support as needed.

You get to train when and where suits you and sessions can be tailored to whatever equipment you have available, but you also have the support of a coach to help you progress.

How Does Online Training Work?

Depending on the package chosen we will start with a discussion of where you are currently and what you want to achieve.

Once goals are set we will agree a plan of action together and you will receive a plan to follow.  We will arrange regular check ins at mutually agreed times to help you keep on track.  In the mean time you have support as and when you need it to help keep you focused and moving towards your goals.

How Can I Sign Up?

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Packages Available

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