Black Friday Deal – Jump In!



So today’s blog is actually a video.

And it’s a video I’ve shared before.

Lazy? Maybe.

But the content hasn’t changed, it’s all still exactly why I’m part of Jump 4.2 and why I would recommend it to fit pros and group exercise enthusiasts as a perfect complement to teaching and / or classes.

I’m not your traditional advert for a fitness programme. I haven’t had a massive physical transformation in 8 weeks – I haven’t developed a six-pack. What I have gained from working with Ricky is a healthy relationship with food, my training and my own head. I can have weeks where I eat too much and don’t train of course, but now I can deal with them – they don’t derail my progress or make me feel like I need to start again. I know what I can achieve if I want to get super lean, equally I know where my happy place is where I’m fit, healthy and able to enjoy life.

I think that’s what most of us really want. Most of us don’t want to give up cake and cocktails or spend hours in the gym in exchange for abs- we just want to feel good whilst still enjoying our favourite indulgences. If that’s you then I’m the proof that Jump 4.2 works – I’m the most boring yet honest advertisement going!

I also help coach people within the group. I know exactly what the common challenges feel like because I’ve faced them and found solutions and I’ve worked with a lot of other group exercise instructors to help them overcome those challenges too.

The next intake starts January – but it’s Black Friday so we’re doing a deal to buy now at the best possible value we can offer it at. That way you can have your strategy for starting 2020 is the most positive way forward in place before you head into Christmas! To be honest even though you won’t officially start Jump until January you’ll start working with us now so you’ll already be in a good place by January 1st.

I have a discount code to reduce the price from £295 to £147 – valid for 48 hours.

If you are interested, want the code or have any questions you can contact me on instagram DM @heather.sherwood or @jump4.2 or message me on my blog.

Anyway – here’s my video!

Jump 4.2 Video

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