How many times have you lamented yourself for having no willpower when it comes to your diet?

We tend to think that sticking to something comes down to willpower, how much that we are committed to wanting it.

Willpower is a bit like motivation though, in that it comes and goes. It isn’t something you can rely on always having consistently.

The thing is you really only need willpower when things are very strict or restrictive.  If something is very hard to follow, time wise, or in how hungry/tired/ miserable it’s going to make you then there will be times where mind over matter is the only thing that keeps you sticking to it.

A diet plan or workout plan that is flexible and not restrictive however, allows for life changes, surprises, days where you can’t do the ideal. It allows for days where you want to eat more or things different to what you originally planned, it has wiggle room.

In effect willpower, like motivation, on it’s own will only ever allow for short term results. For longer term results you need a fool proof plan that accounts for the days where nothing goes right.