Christmas Coffees

Who doesn’t love a Christmas Coffee?

Now you’d need to have lived in a cave for several years to not know that these Christmas Coffees are pretty high in calories.

So as a plus – they are often delicious

As a minus – If you’re TDEE is around 2000 calories one of these can account for up to 25% of that (FYI that’s a lot – this is a drink ladies and gentlemen not a meal)

So get yourself a CPA (Coffee Plan of Action) & Enjoy them in moderation

– A couple over the festive period won’t hurt the waist line, two a day and you may be asking Santa for a borrow of his trousers

-Know what your drinking. There’s nutritional information available so be aware and factor them into your eating.

-Maybe buy some zero cal syrup and make your own Christmas Coffee at home (black coffee and a bit of syrup

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