Twenty MORE things that you will know if you are a Les Mills Instructor…

  1. At some point you will have mimed out choreography in a bar. And your non Les Mills friends thought it was H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S. … Honest…
  2. This is where fellow instructor friends come into their own – because they will think it’s hilarious – and join in.
  3. Turning up to events in the same outfit as others is less of a fashion faux pas in Les Mills land compared to the rest of the world – in fact it’s expected.
  4. You will always find us in Nandos pre or post events.
  5. The shame of turning up at Quarterlies in Nike.
  6. You can practice an entire release of Pump choreography with your little finger.
  7. If you want to build the biggest back catalogue possible you should probably buy the oldest release on the portal first. But don’t take my word for it – if you ask Facebook at least twenty people will confirm this – the rest will tell you that release 12 was amazing despite the fact you can only buy as far back as release 72 on the portal thus rendering their advice pointless.
  8. Song lyrics are more controversial than you would think.
  9. The number for the office is 020 7264 0200
  10. Training biceps makes a lot of people suddenly need a wee (weirdly if you’re doing a 45-minute class clean and presses have the same effect).
  11. Body Balance is NOT a nice little stretching class. It hurts your legs… and abs… The people who tell you to go for a nice stretch are sadistic and probably the type of people who can do a headstand in yoga.
  12. A sprawl is a sneaky way of making people do burpees.
  13. You must be able to whoop and clap in tandem in order to pass Body Attack.
  14. You have to be slightly sadistic to actually enjoy GRIT.
  15. Body Combat instructors would be great to have around in the event of a fight as long as that fight was carried out to a eight-count beat with modified martial arts moves.
  16. You probably don’t want to be back late from lunch on a module unless you like push-ups or burpees.
  17. Can someone cover my Body Step class. TIA? I’m not going to say when or where the class is because that would be too easy…
  18. If you’re me you possibly though TIA was some kind of weird greeting like Kia Ora – took me about 6 months to realise….
  19. Same with FOMO…
  20. Touching noses with strangers is a thing.

7 thoughts on “Twenty MORE things that you will know if you are a Les Mills Instructor…

      1. I haven’t been going to the gym much at all lately. 😦 I was a Body Combat “regular”, but I’ve only gone 4 times since the new release. I’ve been having some lower back pain. I have arthritis and it decided it wanted to hang out in my lower back and become a nuisance. 😦 I hope it gets better soon! I went to class today and I can tell I’m very far from doing what I used to do in class. Bums me out! 😦


      2. Don’t stress about what you used to be able to do – just focus on what you can do right now given the discomfort. When we enjoy doing something we hate to rest but sometimes it’s for the best to rest and then ease back in slowly. Every little bit of movement – even if it feels like it’s not much- is a good thing and it’s so much better to take it slowly than risk long term injuries from trying to push through- honest!


      3. Thank you soooo much, I needed to hear that. I’ve been feeling so defeated. I’m trying to learn how to celebrate tiny victories to get my motivation back! 🙂

        I’m very stressed out because I was supposed to race a Tough Mudder last year, but it got cancelled due to fires. Instead, my registration got rolled over to this year, so that race is on the 7th!!! 😦 I’m nowhere near in the same shape I was a year ago! 😦 Lucky for me, my team mates are also ladies in their 40s, so we can all struggle together! 🙂 I just need to be cautious with my back!

        Thanks again for your advice!!!


      4. Definitely- just go along and enjoy the day and spending it with your team mates – there’s no need to complete it in a certain time or anything. Sometimes going in with no expectations can be liberating!

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